Thursday, September 30, 2010

Week #13: Philippine photobloggers

In March 2005, Eric Tenin of Paris started his own blog called Paris Daily Photo where he posted images of Paris every day. After its success and demand from his readers, he started the City Daily Photo website where bloggers from all over the world with their own photoblogs of their cities can link their blogs to City Daily Photo and have their photos seen and updated hourly in CDP's portal. There are only 3 rules to become a member: post daily about your city, photos must be of your city, and name the blog (url or title) with 'daily photo' which not many follow.

Surprisingly, for all our photo obsession at every occasion and location, there are only about 9 active Filipinos photoblogging their cities at CDP. When I say active, I mean those who do post DAILY or at least still maintains it (weekly/monthly). Some have come, some have gone. As a blogger, I know how difficult it is to maintain a daily blog. So here are the (still) active Filipino photobloggers of CDP.

Hilda with My Manila is very consistent with her posting. Her blog was nominated Best Photo Blog at the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards. Aside from the photos, she gives detailed description and information of her posted images. My Manila are photos taken around Metro Manila. Vernz with Anything Davao is a newcomer in blog years (meaning the blog isn't 1 year old yet). But already her blog is full of Davao photos as she posts not only ONE PHOTO a day, but many. Mabuhay Manila by Arabesque is also about Manila, with less words. Manila Revisited by Pia have nice photos of Manila, presented in a more personal approach. Life in Manila by Mia was just started last February, so very young in CDP years and especially in blog years.

The rest of the CDP photoblogs by Filipinos can't be considered DAILY anymore as postings happen only monthly, or sometimes, just left behind as archive photos/links. You can find the list here with Butuan, Cebu, Bohol, Tacloban, Leyte, Cavite, Apalit and Quezon City photos.

[Image: thanks to Vernz from Anything Davao.]