Monday, January 28, 2008

Week #6: Bloggers on Books and Reading

Nino raised this question in his blog “Are books on the way out?”, a thread he followed from Tropophilia that quoted Steve Jobs as saying, books are dying. With the launching of Kindle, this has become a topic of concern for booksellers and booklovers. Are books on the way out? Torn and Frayed in Manila thinks so in his post “Twilight of the books”. He writes, "I can't help thinking that this is indeed 'the twilight of the books'." He quotes New York Times' concern, "What will life be like if people stop reading?”. Indeed.

On the parallel side of an imaginary universe, other bloggers do not seem concerned about the books vs Kindle, books vs. YouTubes, books vs. technology debate. Toni in her blog Wifely Steps starts a book carnival urging her readers to finish this sentence in their blogs "If Books Were Food...". She herself writes, "The Book Thief by Markus Zusak would be a pumpkin soup with pieces of bread, a glass of water to wash it down..." Dr. Emer of Parallel Universes writes about A Thousand Splendid Suns as tasting "like Tandoori Chicken, the only Punjabi food I love. Very spicy and very hot, it can move you to tears while eating..." Intention To Treat writes If books were food, "then JK Rowling would be a great chef, and the Harry Potter series would be...worth lining up for and making reservations." I tried out this game, but could only come up with "If books were food.. then I wouldn't mind being a bookworm." I was never good with imaginary games.

On a more serious note, Dave Llorito writes a review of After the Neocons: America At The Crossroads by Francis Fukuyama. His review almost tempts you to read the book yourself.. almost. But he explains the "neocons" (new conservatives) very well, that it's almost as if you know the subject. But he writes, "It’s a must-read for all those who want to understand the nature of America’s foreign policy after 9/11 and figure out where it is heading for." A big concern for us because we are always blindly following the US tail.

And in a separate parallel universe where books are not only food but also oxygen, Jessica Zaffra of Jessica Rules the Universe has 30 posts in her Book categories. You might want to check out her "literary" choices.

So are books dying? Can't answer that. But Torn and Frayed says that the Philippine population"is largely 'alliterate'; people who can read but choose not to." And he quotes Samuel Jackson as saying "people in general do not willingly read, if they have something else to amuse them."

So because it's a loop, back to Nino's Reading and Kindle, "Are Books Dying?".

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