Monday, January 21, 2008

Week #5: Mindanao bloggers

I have heard a lot about Mindanao's Top 100 Bloggers, the Mindanao's bloggers convention held last December, Davao being the next silicon valley of the Philippines, etc.. So I thought I'd take a look at the top 100 bloggers and choose the ones I like. Sure it made me decide to visit Davao this year, but I think all we really want to know about Mindanao is.. what's it like there? So here is this week's featured Mindanao bloggers talking about THEIR Mindanao.

The Good Life by benhurjun

In his header description, Benhurjun writes "This blog contains adventure tales, travel stories and those little trips that make living a little exciting.... "

It is about travel and adventure tales, a mixed writing of the past (childhood memories) and present (travels to other countries). The memories are best because of its Philippineness. It would be better though if the names of the barangays, mountains, rivers, towns, were named and given life. Nice writing though.

Cantilangnon ini by Cantilangnon

Cantilangnon ini is purely written in the Cantelangnon dialect. Cantilan is a place in Surigao del Sur, and this blog is about the blogger's everyday life (um, monthly?). Although this blog hasn't been updated since November 2007, I thought I'd feature it here for its use of the dialect. If you visit the site, you'll know why.

Davao Diaries by Dava Maguinda

Well-written blog by a Davao journalist. The title describes what the blog is about: Davao, diary. But get this, 2 posts in 2005, 51 in 2006, 59 in 2007, but 3 so far this January. If Falling In Love With Butuan is a sign of what's to come this year, then we're in for a good read.

Davao's Food Huntress by Davao's Food Huntress

With the list of restaurants in this blog, you'll never go hungry when visiting Davao. Light reading, but very informative about Davao restaurants, prices and food. Yum.

And for those who never leave their homes without their laptops..

Davao WiFi Hotspots, a blog about Davao's Hotspots! How nichy can you get?

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