Monday, January 7, 2008

Week #3: Money-Making Blogs

Here are some Filipino bloggers who are into the game of making money online. Maybe we can learn some few lessons from them. They admit to playing the game, they write about it, they give advice to making it and they give tips, and they make us envious and think, why didn't I think of that? (although it's hard work like any other). This is a phenomenon that hit the western world years ago (remember those annoying ads and spams and networking stuff?) and reached its peak because now, they're calling for content quality. Now the online money-making game has hit our country in the name of SEO and PPC, and unfortunately about to reach its peak, too. Or maybe not. However, Yuga has predicted that the Adsense craze may die out this year. Like in the network marketing business, the early bird always gets the worm.

Make Money Online - From Mindanao's top 100 blogger, Lady Influence experiments with keywords to increase the blog's SEO: "payday loans", "consolidate debt loans", "making money online", and on her other sister websites: "sex", "sexual diseases", "money", etc.. This site claims to have made it to the 2nd page of Google search ranking which increased the site's ECPM rate. The site is a good example on how to use keywords effectively on your blog.

Make Money Online: Make Money Online with a 13 year old - see the trend? That seems to attract searchers a lot. Carlocab is a (now) 14-year old blogger who's making money. This site is Google's #1 result when you type "make money online" on your search. The site gives tips and advices, and also shows you how to get rich. Last year, Carl was part of a controversy when he came in 4th in the Top Ten Emerging Influential Blog of 2007 and his identity was questioned by other Filipino bloggers.

(Because this controversy raised too many ethical issues, here's a quick rundown: Ethical issue was raised by Noemi, Yuga took a neutral stand, and so did Connie. The fireworks in the comments on Connie's post are extremely hilarious which Manuel seems to sum up well.)

Teens Make Money With Kirby - Targets teenagers, uses lots of teens keywords, money, online games, you get the picture. Another example of how to use keywords effectively to making money online (I seem to have used that a lot in this post too!) . This is also a lesson on choosing your target demographics well.

Since there will be more bloggers jumping into this online money-making game, I thought I'd make an exception and include an article by a non-Filipino blogger. Her advice on how to add content to your blog and still make tons of money is so relevant to this post. I'm sure Filipinos wanting to write blogs with this intention can learn lots of tips from Lorainne's must-read post: 10 Really Rad Righteous Blogging Tips.

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