Monday, December 31, 2007

Week #2: 2008 in the Philippines

Celebrating the arrival of 2008 means eating lots of food, making lots of noise, having fun, making plans and listing resolutions and goals, and sometimes looking back at past accomplishments and failures. Here are some bloggers blogging about the year 2008:

Do You Have a New Year's Resolution?, Connie Veneracion (Sassy Lawyer) prepares for the New Year with her resolution to stop evil disguised as housework.

In Philippines Before New Years, A visiting foreigner's view of the Philippine holiday celebration(s).

13 Round and Sweet Fruits for New Year, Where the year is expected to be greeted with round fruits, probably a Chinese tradition denoting prosperity. Now that tradition is being celebrated in France by a Filipina blogger.

Do you do any of these during New Year's Eve? Toni reminisces the old traditions practiced by Filipinos during New Year's eve and wonders if she'll keep them this year.

Making Fun in 2008 (because you can't have what you haven't made yet), Jester-in-Exile plans to do more blogging in 2008.

In RP, Mindanawons least hopeful in greeting 2008, Walter (a journalist), reports on the result survey on hope versus fear in 2008 in the Philippines.

May all have a blessed year!!

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