Monday, December 24, 2007

Week #1: Blogs I read

Adam's Reef - Jean Claire's Blog. Based in Mindanao, Claire blogs about Mindanao (of course), feminism, books, art, dance, writing, teaching, travel, politics, stupidity and ignorance, and her struggles for and against all these..

Bucaio - Kai describes her blog as "A blog about Pangasinan cuisine, and Filipino food in general, as well as a documentation of life in the Philippines." I think that says it all. A must read if you're into food.

Ivan About Town - Ivan Henares travel journal around the Philippines. Has won many awards on travel writing. If you want to know about certain places in the Philippines not covered by travel agencies or Lonely Planet, come to this site. He has an index of the towns, cities, and provinces he has covered.

Jessica Rules the Universe - Jessica has ambitious plans for world domination. Writes about books, movies (or films to be snob about it), rants about the food she eats and where she eats them, her favourite writers and not so favourite, people who can't speak/write English well, pirated movies, tennis, uncultured culture, herself, and many other topics about world domination I can't mention here because there are too many of them..

Sassy Lawyer - All about Philippine politics. Connie is a lawyer/journalist who analyses Philippine politics, Philippine food and motherhood. Her blog is currently under repair, but will be back January.

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