Sunday, December 23, 2007

Philippine Travel Blogs

Ivan About Town - Ivan Henares' blog about his Philippines travels. Has won recognition on his travel writing. If you want to know about certain places in the Philippines not covered by travel agencies or Lonely Planet, come to this site. He has an index of the towns, cities, and provinces he has covered. (featured Wk#1)

Pinoy Travel Blog - an experimental project on group blogging. This site provides information on Philippine travel, destinations and travel tips. Mostly it's about the bloggers' travels and experiences.

Happy Tripper - If it's information you want, I would suggest to just click the Philippines category and read about the blogger's travels in the country. Check out the tips too, you might learn some for your coming trip. Lots of excellent photos, and informative descriptions.

Byahilo - Not an informative travel blog, but it offers lots of photos with long captions. It reads as the blogger's personal travel photojournal with side comments about promo fares and hotels.

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