Sunday, December 23, 2007

Philippine bloggers

Alaism, Ala Paredes, 24 years old, blogging since July 2003.
Art A2Z, Everything about art, reviews by Nino de Veyra.
Bananacue Republic, Foodcart of ideas, opinions, and hidden news.
Books A2Z, Everything about books, reviews by Nino de Veyra.
Concaved Lenses, a story of the lonely behind that concave lense
:D, yellow, because I can
Davao Diaries, Grumblings of a BlogBug
Denciojuan (apathy), simply black and white - the beauty of duality, of oppositions, of structuralism
Digital Filipino, This is the e-commerce resource website of Janette Toral marketing her books, articles, events, and advocacies online.
Digital Imageer, Create, Unique, Impact
Gibbs Cadiz, Theater, travel, movies, music, books, bloviations.
Istambay Sa Mindanao, Notes on Mindanao, mostly
Life In Between Banana Split, WARNING: Adult, adulterous and adulterated contents
Manuel L. Quezon III, Punditry, Politics, History, Commentary.
Morofilm, Gutierrez Mangansakan II is a writer, documentary filmmaker and heritage conservationist from Pagalungan, Maguindanao, in Southern Philippines.
Nino Soria de Veyra, The Not So Official Blogsite
Rambling Soul, a monstrous, all-consuming, wizard-hating balrog; the father of Blogging.
Shirley ni Ely, filipina, feminista.
Torn and Frayed in Manila, "And his coat was torn and frayed / It had seen much better days" (Jagger/Richards)

(more to come)

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